The first world, fierce battles in the air - all this is a new game «»! Do you want to become a combat pilot and take part in historical battles? The multiplayer mode will allow to play together with gamers from different countries and in a new way to decide the outcome of the legendary battle. Here you have a choice between the two most famous airplane models that were in service with the German troops in mid-1918. These fighters are Fokker Dr.I and Pfalz D.III.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, consider this when you choose your aircraft. Your goal is to smash the enemy and destroy his base. To achieve it, you need to gain enough strength and power. It can be done by destroying rivals, collecting cubes and kegs. The better your performance, the more chances to defeat the main boss in the form of an airship.

Control the movement with the WASD keys, left mouse click, shoot, right - throw bombs. The game «», respecting all the traditions of online toys, is distinguished by its original storyline and excellent graphics.

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