Correctly chosen strategy and tactics allow dominating in any territory. The game with huge opportunities for development. The main goal is to create your own army, destroy rivals and seize their possessions. You can play here regardless of the started party. Any player can join and capture the lead in the battle process. To become strong and competitive, before starting to fight, you should justify your own base and protect it with defense facilities.

The game Dominia io assumes development at the expense of extracted resources. Among them there is already traditionally a tree, gold and food. To replenish your gold reserve, you can organize extraction from deep mines, wood is extracted from trees, and food is received from the farm. To get the initial resources, you can search the map for chests. They contain a significant supply of useful materials.

Dominiaio provides equal opportunities for each of the participants, but only the smartest and fastest player succeeds in becoming the ruler of all lands. Do not ignore the attacks of neighbors. However, in addition to defense, you also need to actively act on your own. Attacking competitors and capturing their wealth, you can quickly score points and rise in the ranking. Control: the WASD keys allow you to direct the view camera, left-click to perform any actions, and to scroll with the wheel.

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