Conquer foreign countries can and today, you need only a desire and strategic thinking. The game Dominus is an exciting online strategy where any player can become a real leader and lead the top. There is no strict sequence and sequence of actions. Everything is happening here and now. If you relax and missed your chance, be sure - the opponent will not miss this opportunity. Capturing new cities, establishing settlements, building up their military potential and the army is the main goal of each participant.

The game Dominus 2 io will show itself and achieve good results in order to dominate the arena. But this requires considerable patience and patience. It is necessary to attack only neutral cities and build their own villages in order to increase the number of combat units. Once near the territory of the rival, along with his numerous army, you can declare a competitor to his subjects.

Dominus allows you to destroy enemy fighters in the ratio 1 to 1. It’s very easy to start offensive. You will need to click on the chosen capital and start creating your own army. The number of fighters is selected using the slider. Once these actions are performed, it is considered that the player withdrew his army. Then we have only to move forward and conquer the world.

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