Today you can not only try yourself in the role of an artist, but also compete with friends. Game wonderful multiplayer, where you can make friends and have fun at the same time. The essence is simple, you need to draw any object, animal or person, and the other player must guess what it is. It is necessary to act quickly and meditating too. Prize points are awarded only to the first person who has written the right word.

Game Doodly IO involves alternating players. In the beginning one draws-other otgadyvajut drawn and write the name, then Otgadavshij begins to draw, and the others break their heads over the puzzle. Play simply, you only need a little practice and knowledge of English. Usually the drawings are rather primitive, so do not be afraid of criticism in your address. The main thing is the minimum similarity, so that you can immediately determine the direction in which to look for the answer.

Doodlyio can be played endlessly, and eventually comes the experience. If you feel in yourself the hidden talents of the artist, and you think quickly, then the summit in the top you are provided. Control: You can write with the mouse, for ease of use hotkeys 1-5, mouse wheel Adjusts the width of the brush, all other keys are detailed in the instructions.

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