Draw this 2.io

Like drawing and solving online puzzles, then this game is for sure you’ll like. Draw this 2.io is the continuation of the popular puzzle for logic and visual arts. Here, as in the first version, the main goal of the players is to draw a given word and guess what your opponent drew.

At the same time in Draw this 2.io plays a lot of people. You can join the general competition, or play yourself, against a computer program. Also, there is an opportunity to create your own game room and invite comrades there for a common game.

The rules in Draw this 2.io are unchanged. One of the participants, the presenter, sees in front of him an object that he must draw. At a time when he portrays what he saw, everyone else tries to figure out the picture and print the answer in a special window. The participant who will be the first to cope with the task will receive experience points, the presenter will also be able to receive his balls only if his art is unraveled. The winner is the one of the opponents who will gain the greatest amount of experience. Keep in mind that the time for answers is limited. Controls: keyboard, mouse.

Alternative name: draw this 2 io, drawthis2io, draw 2

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