Among the many such graphic toys, the new i game "Drawpico.io" is confidently leading. Do you want to come up with your own puzzle or puzzle? Can you draw at the level of first-graders? Then - no problem! Call your friends and start playing. Drivpiko certainly like those guys who have not only an unbridled fantasy, but also a developed logical thinking. The conditions are simple. It is necessary to depict something on the screen that is uncommon, that your opponent should guess by writing the right word. Who did it first - he won.

Since the game "Drawpico.io" is multi-player, there can be several players. Especially funny is that everything happens in real life, and the distance between gamers does not matter. Your opponent may be on the other side of the globe or be in the same room with you. All will show the rating. Who is higher in the top, that’s the best.

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