It turns out that boring rock is very healthy and exciting. Game Drillz.io offers to pump his drill beyond recognition. If at first it is rather primitive tool, each passed stage will allow to modify it, changing the appearance. And there are an immeasurable number of varieties here. What to say if the levels are over two hundred. We move deep, collect bonuses in the form of chests and buy original skins and super opportunities.

The game Drillz io simple, but very original. Now not only living organisms evolve, but also specialized tools for drilling. The truth to technical progress it has absolutely no relation. These borax are more like living creatures, which, like a butterfly from a doll, hatch in the most unexpected moment and surprise with its beauty and perfection.

Drillzio is interesting because it is not known when and at what depth will be transformed. Sometimes the distance is small, and in some cases will have long banging deep. It is impossible to predict in advance the new appearance of the deepest drill, its images do not cease to amaze. It looks like a owl, it’s a delicious ice cream. Try to try your luck and get to the center of the Earth.

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