A huge ball rolls, crushing everything in its path — this is a terrible picture from today’s battle. Dungo.io is an original multiplayer game that has no analogues. All participants in this grand battle will push the big heavy areas, which can crush a competitor. But it is only a little distracted or incorrectly calculate the strength and direction, this ball will smear and yourself. As soon as a rolling ball appears on the horizon, you should immediately carry away your feet.

The game Dungo.io continues until the last survivor. The action takes place in a maze where you have to not only roll the balls, but also to run away from them. If it is impossible to avoid a collision, you should direct your sphere towards the enemy when they collide, they will explode. The main goal of Dungoio here is survival at any cost. The one who remained in the arena, he won.

Dungo.io allows you to choose your own tactics and strategy. To score points and climb in the top, you need to quickly run and think. It is possible to block the actions of competitors, suddenly attacking and leaving the enemy on their own. Here you can not relax for a moment, only constant activity will lead to the desired result. Controls in Dungo io: WASD keys or arrows — move, space — to trigger and launch the ball.

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