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Competition and struggle are the main features in the Io genre. The game Dynamite io fully corresponds to its name. At the very beginning, all players are in the same position. To rise in a rating and to outstrip the competitors it is required to show sharpness and resourcefulness. Move around the map in different directions, explore new territories, run fast and hunt opponents.

The Dynamite io game is a mass of opportunities to become a leader. It is necessary to eat well, to collect multi-colored dots that are scattered across the playing surface, and as a result — to grow and increase in volume. While it is too small and vulnerable, you should not climb on the rampage and come across the eyes of your enemies. It is better to save up the mass, and then enter into an equal competitive struggle.

Dynamite io will allow you to quickly increase the weight to destroy smaller rivals. But the kids have a chance for salvation. In contrast to the huge and thick players, small mobile, able to run and get away from a hefty opponent. If the enemy is on the way, and your ward has not yet grown, accelerate and run away from danger. Wins the one who is faster and faster. Management: mouse — movement, left click — acceleration.

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