Dynasties rule the world, they build cities and whole states. The game Dynast.io is the opportunity from the ground up to create your own clan of followers, having prepared the appropriate base and conditions. It’s not easy to play, but it’s very exciting. There is a crafting of objects and inventory, extraction of resources, arrangement of territories and struggle with monsters.

The Dynast io game is not only survival, but also development. Tools and weapons should be used wherever a need arises. The ax is better and more efficient to cut wood and harvest wood than to fight with the enemy. To do this, the club, which can be beaten by a competitor, is more suitable. But it does not always make sense to fight with your brothers. Sometimes it is possible to conclude mutually beneficial alliances, defend against monsters, and together build defensive structures.

Dynastio allows you to create your own dynasty or join an existing one. Each player chooses whom he should be. Someone can prove himself in construction, someone in management or protection. To score the maximum number of points and go to the top, you will have to apply a variety of tactics and strategy. Control: WASD keys - movement, left mouse click - attack, 1-9 - inventory selection.

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