Ocean depths are waiting for you! The game "Eatme.Io" is your chance to become the ruler of the underwater world. Choose your hero and join the fierce battles. The struggle for survival among fish of different species is a difficult test that not every participant in the battle will be able to pass.

Start playing with a small bright fish, feed on plankton and become larger and stronger. Only then can you safely enter the arena and compete with other gamers. You can not think long. The choice is only one: eat an opponent or become the food of a predator himself. Use your own tactics and strategy. Udiraj from larger fish, having divided into many fry.

Collect coins scattered in water and rich. Today you have a unique opportunity to become the richest fish in the whole coast. The game "Eatme.Io" is an excellent entertainment for children of all ages. Multiplayer mode allows you to monitor your rating and climb to its top.

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