We hasten to please fans of the popular series of Io another novelty. Game «Elementar.io» - this is a great shooter in the framework of an ever-changing universe. For a start you can choose a favorite item of the three available and assigning a unique nickname, go to the arena of combat. The action takes place either in the vast galaxy, or elementary particles in the world. Blue ball is more like water, red and yellow - the fire, and green - grass.

They all have their own protective field and a lot of potential. Each level opens up in front of you active and passive abilities. Increasing firepower and enhanced protection. Bright, mobile game «Elementar.io» will not allow to relax and will keep the player in good shape. Play will be arrows or WSAD keys, and shoot at the enemy with your left mouse button. Its results are tracked in the rating table at the bottom right.

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