It is necessary to get out of the trap today in a big company. The game will deliver a lot of surprises and difficulties while passing, but it’s worth it. This is an original platformer, where there is a multiplayer mode. People at the start crowding an incredible amount, because of this start playing - a whole problem. Everyone tries to jump out first at the expense of rivals. Therefore, accidental victims can not be avoided.

The game Escap io gives everyone an equal chance to win, although in reality it is almost impossible. After a successful start, the surviving players take their position, and the real race with obstacles begins. The thing is that time is limited, and you need to go through the maximum distance for a certain period. And this is not just a fun morning run, but a mass of traps in every sector.

Escapio for smart and smart guys who have a great reaction. Passing even the minimum distance is quite difficult. Who zazevalsya, he inevitably falls into the abyss, where he is pierced by sharp thorns and other deadly dangerous objects.

Gradually, the skills are accumulated, and the necessary experience is acquired, but it should not be forgotten that the timer is ticking inexorably. Few managed to go beyond the screen, maybe you will be lucky and the opportunity to know what’s next. Motion control: arrows or WASD keys.

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