This game in simple and visual form shows one of the principles of evolution. And you have the opportunity to familiarize with it. To start Evo.io you need to connect to the server. Next, your little character appears on a large level. Here is a simple task: you need to grow and evolve. For this purpose it is necessary to eat berries-red circles. It is better to run away from more pumped players. This will require energy. It is replenished with blue circles with water. Once these basic principles are mastered, it will be easier to participate in the evolutionary struggle!

Remember the school biology lessons You were told about the evolution of organisms. Now you have become such an organism and you need to grow. To do this, you need food-circles of red color. Blue circles are water. It must be drunk to escape from the more advanced rivals. The game Evo.io clearly shows all the basic principles of development of the body. You also need to grow your game character to such an extent that he could not be afraid of attacks by opponents.

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