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Fans of shooting today can test their skills. The Extermination.io game is an excellent multiplayer with a lot of possibilities. The main goal — to destroy all its competitors. To win, you need to pass all levels. Accumulated points will be useful for buying new weapons and armor in the store. There are many of them. If you need to choose the best model, you will have to try them all in turn.

The game Extermination.io is a two-dimensional shooter where the fastest, smartest and quickest winner wins. In addition to the usual shooting, here you need to learn how to manage your capital. Do not engage in hoarding. To be defenseless against the enemy and lose a life much worse. Then the money is no longer useful. It will not be out of place to take care of your own safety. It is better to protect the head with a helmet and a chest with a special shield. After that, you can pick up weapons.

The Extermination.io allows any player to create additional levels for other participants. It is incredibly exciting and interesting. Controls: WASD or the arrow keys — move, space — raise the weapon from the ground, you need to aim with the mouse, and shoot — with the left key.

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