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Today we send to the club, where they gather Pokemon milestones of ranks and suits. The game Fakemon.io will allow you to choose one of three characters and teach him special skills. The training base has a lot of opportunities for this. But to go all the way from a beginner to a master of the highest level - the process is quite long and complicated, but the victory is worth it. Only regular training will help teach them to master weapons and special techniques.

Fakemon io game offers to participate in various battles. For example, fight with bosses in dungeons. To do this, you need to go through a quest and organize a general attack. From the bosses you can knock out many useful gizmos and artifacts that will benefit in the future. They can change with each other or use yourself. If there is a desire, then it will be possible to measure strength among themselves. To do this, it is enough to teleport to a special zone, where you have to fight with other monsters.

Fakemon.io is a place where cute Pokemon get together. Having your own Pokemon is very cool and interesting. Growing a real fighter out of him is a difficult task, but quite achievable. Control: WASD keys - move, C - return to base, T / G - pick up / throw an object, V - teleport, 1234 - attack.

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