Fight for the championship on your personal tank and become the best tanker in the entire area. Famine.io can be described simply as a very simple and fascinating tank battle. There is nothing superfluous here, just a competition for the championship. The champion will be the one who will destroy most of the enemy machines, gain for it a maximum of experience and will take the first place in the top.

At the beginning of the battle in Famine.io each participant is given his own tank, he is equipped with a large turret and a cannon. Pay attention to the fact that each armored vehicle shoots in a special way. Someone shoots are carried out continuously and very quickly, and someone slowly and with interruptions. It is impossible to regulate the choice of weapons, the appropriation of weapons is automatic, and it can not be changed either if you were given a gun of the same type and you play with it to the very end.

Pleases that in Famine.io the stock of cartridges is inexhaustible and it is not necessary to specifically look for them on location, you can shoot indefinitely. In addition, no additional bonuses or shops for pumping are also provided. Just move around the map, look for the enemy and shoot him. The shooting range is huge and can cross the entire playing field, so boldly shoot in any direction, perhaps you will fall into the enemy, without even keeping it in sight. Controls: ASDW keys, space, computer mouse.

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