The farm business has long attracted not only rural residents, but also indigenous people. The game is a chance to try yourself in a new role. Here it is necessary to become not only an agronomist, but also a businessman. It is not enough to grow a good crop, you also need to sell it profitably. You should start by creating your own garden. After that, it will be sown with seeds of vegetables. In the beginning, the player only has carrot seeds. They need to be sown. You can do it with the left mouse button.

The game Farmerz io is developing rapidly. Seeds germinate instantly and in a few seconds you can collect root crops. They can be sold on the market and make good money. By investing them in the development of our economy, expanding the territory, we get more berries, fruits and increase the profit from sales.

Farmerzio is a full-fledged economic strategy. Here you can get a great harvest by using the available resources correctly. Mineral fertilizers and timely watering will help to get even more fruits from one plot. Of no small importance is the proximity of the source of water, as well as the distance to the market. If it is optimal, then the development goes very quickly and in a short time you can achieve excellent results. It’s incredibly cool and exciting to play. Control: WASD - move, left click - planting seeds, H - harvesting of root crops.

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