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It’s time to laugh. Farter io is an original game where there is no place for serious guys. The name speaks for itself. The main goal is to fart strongly and powerfully myself and blow up enemy shells. Its characteristics can be viewed from the bottom left. For better rate of fire, you need to collect more vegetables. At their expense, you can restore lost health, get acceleration.

The game Farter io allows you to see your location using the radar. The player sees himself as a red dot, and rivals, as white. This allows you to navigate the terrain and track down competitors. Destroy the enemy is quite simple. He will die immediately, as soon as he enters the cloud of emitted gases. Do not go into the gas cloud and yourself. It is deadly and poisonous.

Farter io develops abilities and improves performance as the destruction of rivals. Gas emissions change color and become even more deadly. Play fun and exciting. Not bad to develop their own tactics and strategy for the conduct of hostilities. Improving and developing, you can achieve the highest results. Control: mouse — movement, left click — acceleration.

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