Sea, ocean or a common aquarium - it does not matter, the main thing to grow and survive. Game - multiplayer, where everyone has equal chances to become a monster fish or to be eaten at the very beginning. To play it is necessary for small fry, which should be cherished and cherished, it is tasty to feed with plankton and to protect from larger fish. The more your fish grows, the more power it has. As soon as the fish grows up, it is already possible to join the struggle for survival.

Game Fishz io allows you to quickly move, maneuver, choose the victim and the most favorable time for the attack. It is better to attack from behind, using the effect of surprise. Eaten opponent immediately adds points and weight. Of course, a large fish is more difficult to swim, it is less agile, but it is practically invulnerable to small brethren. To get the maximum number of balls and go to the top, you need to try hard. It will be possible to do this only to the most intelligent player with a good reaction.

Fishzio is survival among fish. There are no friends here, every fry is a potential enemy. Not you - so you. Therefore, you need to be very careful and careful. You should not let the competitors get too close, it’s better to avoid meeting a bigger opponent than yourself. Control: WASD keys - movement.

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