The new game "FlagRush.io" is the defense or capture of the flag of one of the teams. The battle takes place in distant space. Play will be a spaceship, which must join one of the groups and join the fight. If you hit the invaders, you will find yourself in their safe zone. The defenders are at the top of the card.

Once the goal is achieved, and the attackers have captured the banner, the game will end and will restart first. To make it easier to defend or attack, players are given turrets and boosters. Activate the lasers that are placed on the tower, you can left-click the mouse, right-click - run additional acceleration. You will rotate with the mouse.

Each squad has its own task and strategy. Work better collectively, coordinating their actions with other gamers. The game "FlagRush.io" is a multiplayer, which has many opportunities for development.

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