Flappy Bird | Flappy Bird io

Surely many people remember this funny little bird from old game consoles. The game Flappy Bird io takes us back to the world of simple but fascinating arcades. Today there are more birds, and the classic retro game has become an excellent multiplayer. The main task is to successfully maneuver, flying between green columns. Each player controls his own bird, who is desperately trying to reach the mysterious goal.

The game Flappy Bird io allows you to watch the flight of competing birds. They look a little blurry, but you can navigate and try to get around them. Those who are faster and more successful will pass all obstacles, he will get more points and take the lead. The father, the harder it is to get into the right slot without crashing into a pole. Who will face the obstacle — finishes playing.

Flappy Bird io attracts with a clear plot and difficulty passing. Moving forward only at first sight is easy. With the passage of the initial obstacles the speed increases. Luck depends only on the speed of reaction and the ability to control oneself. After the first failures, it is easy to break off and stop fighting for victory. Should not be doing that. It all depends on training and experience. Control: mouse.

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