Football Wars Online

A real game for real athletes. Love Harsh Sports? So Football Wars Online is for you. The ball is not easy to take, because the opponent holds it tightly in his hands and tries not less than you to score a goal for your team. He maneuvers, misleading you, punches his way, passes the ball to the ally. Try to crash into it, because only then the ball from him will go into your hands.

The main goal-to score as many goals to the opponent. Even if you do not see the ball, the game provides a hint, where he is now. Follow the prompts, knock down the road rivals. So you get acceleration for yourself and clear the way for your ally who leads the ball. If you managed to knock the ball off the competitor, try to escape. Maneuvers will not give you easy to take away the ball. Your allies skip ahead of themselves. They will help pierce the path to the first line.

Controls in Football Wars Online is simple enough: Movement behind the mouse cursor, acceleration-knock down the enemy.

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