Here, on-line, you will fight for leadership with millions of enemies, seek allies and create your own colony on the undeveloped planets of the vast universe. The game Galaxy - a surprise for all fans of space battles. This game is not just another shooter, it’s an excellent strategy, with high-quality graphics and a dynamic storyline.

Before you start, be sure to register, so you can always return to your location in Galaxy and continue the battle from the starting point. At the beginning of the confrontation and the construction of your own fortress, you should find the group to which you will join. You should approach the choice of associates responsibly, because you can become easy prey for enemies.

The game Galaxy has many levels. Here you will need to extract resources that can be used to build buildings. There are more than twenty different objects available for construction. Also, if you can hold out for a long time, you will have access to the construction of warships and the improvement of weapons. Management: computer mouse.

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