It is based on an economic strategy. You need to pump water earning money. The more liquid the laid system of pipes, the more money we will earn in

The goal of the game to earn a large amount of money. It is not difficult to do it, simply pumping water from reservoirs through the central pump. You can choose the location of the pump. Do it carefully, because then move it will not be possible. You can lose if your opponent breaks your pump.

It is necessary to build to the maximum pumps and to pump through them water from the selected reservoirs. Except pumping water it is necessary to lay pipes, to build the bases and to fight with other participants. This is enough to have fun with It is necessary to consider that water in a reservoir is not boundless and soon will end. If you notice that the liquid ends, look for the next pond, otherwise the game is over. And again we pump water to the last drop.

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