Go! Eat! Bomb!

Meet the biggest glutton in the world! The game "Go! Eat! Bomb! "Is not for nothing translated as" Go! Eat! Blow! ", Because this little fish is bursting everything that it sees in the way of its movement. And without food, it will not last long, you need to carefully monitor the level of the satiety scale. This fish, sweet outside, in fact, a real monster, devouring seals and dogs.

He is omnivorous and constantly hungry. Therefore, it will devour any, even its smaller brother, along with bombs. If he will move quickly without adequate food, then in an instant he will spend his energy and die. You’ll play with the mouse, and feed your ward with a space or by holding down the mouse button. The game "Go! Eat! Bomb! "Is quite bloodthirsty, but funny and funny.

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