Go! Eat! Bombi! The new i game "Goeatbomb.io" in its title contains just such a call. Meet the fish monster, which, by bloodlust, is very similar to a piranha. It is not known what the kittens did not please him, but he mostly hunts them. Of course, it’s weird that cats live in the sea or vice versa, the fish floats on the ground, but it just so happened.

You will play for your own catfish, which you will assign to the nickname at the very beginning. Move along the playing surface, eat seals and other yummies. Fly agarics do not bring benefit, but the molecules of water quench their thirst. Having recruited a decent mass, you can compete with other representatives of the marine fauna. But while you are small and defenseless against your opponents, it’s better not to get caught on the way again, but to bypass. Gaining points, you can develop your character, acquire improvements and modifications.

The game "Goeatbomb.io" - an excellent multiplayer, which will compete and fight for existence with players from different countries and continents.

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