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Halloween is not over, the holiday continues! Goodoo io is a wonderful multiplayer game on the theme of All Saints Day with elements of teamwork. The bottom line is this: there are two teams that collect sweets; the group that collects more candies wins. The player decides for himself which group to join. All his actions are focused on common success. Only two minutes are given for the round, during this time you should try to find more tasty.

Goodoo io has a lot of on—screen clues that show the direction you need to go to find tasty caramels. You can search alone, but it is better to agree with friends in advance. To search for success, you need ingenuity and endurance. You can track how many points you have on the scale on the screen, where you can see the achievements of each group.

Goodoo io teaches working on a common cause, where the final result depends on each participant. All the characters are funny and funny, very similar to small children or ghosts who hunt for lollipops. You can use different tactics and strategies. Control: WASD keys or mouse — move.

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