Granny And Slendrina

For all those who like horror games good news: meet the continuation of the popular video game about the terrible and spiteful old woman. This time, in Granny and Slendrina, all events will take place in a dark and gloomy cellar, where there are many traps and danger waits at every turn. Excellent graphics, black and white colors and grim, horrific music will give you a truly unforgettable experience.

Your main task in Granny and Slendrina is to find eight hidden rare books. All of them are somewhere in the endless transitions of the basement labyrinths. Go around them all, rummage through every nook and cranny, and search for hidden records. Remember that behind every step you follow, she is a terrible sorceress whose ghost wanders along the corridors. The witch can take any shape, turn into insects or soar under the ceiling. Choose your path carefully and avoid meeting the ghost in every possible way.

Also remember that in Granny And Slendrina, many rooms to which you will fall will be closed and to move forward, you will need to find the keys to their doors. Survey all the situation in the room in which you were, open boxes and nightstands, inspect the contents of the cabinets and luck will certainly be on your side.

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