Pirate stories at all times were very popular. Game will try to revive the traditions of these desperate thugs and bounty hunters. Join this team and find your treasure, before other players do it. In this case it is necessary not only to find and dig up the treasure, but to have time to deliver it to the store. Hunters profit from the brothers there is enough, so you need to be always on the alert.

Game Grogg io will allow the best and most lucky to get the status of the king of pirates. But for this it is necessary to overcome their rivals and to get ahead of them by the number of points scored. Outskirt gold simply, they are marked on the map with a cross, and he and the player is displayed in the form of a dot. Having carefully examined the location of jewelry, hurry to dig them before the rest. Of course, you can rob several competitors to raise your rating.

Groggio allows you to move on water and overland without any problems. In addition, you can shoot from guns and other firearms. Manage your hero with the WASD keys, left click or spacebar - attack, right - dig. It’s very interesting to play. The chances of all are equal. Everyone can become a leader, if he is most attentive and cautious.

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