The new multiplayer game "" will be pleased with the action and pixel graphics. Here you will play for one of two teams: a squad of spetsnaz or terrorists. The choice is yours. The opposing sides will converge in a deadly battle. In this case, you will have to fight together with members of your group, participating in shootings and chases. The winners will be those who are the first to be killed by twenty-five fighters from the rival group.

Use bonuses, upgrades. Carefully study the instructions and apply all available means of protection.

Press the AD keys or the left / right arrow to move, up / down - to navigate the stairs. Right-click to zoom in on the weapon, and left-click to shoot and apply the missile. Game «» - multiplayer is created on HTML5 and completely free. Call your friends and find out which of you is steeper. In the battles fight guys from different countries, and each of them dreams of victory.

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