Those of the guys who adore tetris and similar puzzles are now waiting for a new test. The Hextris.io game is based on a hexagon, which spins and collects colored poles. You can earn points only if you combine three strips of the same color together. Then they disappear from the screen, and the prize balls will be credited to the player’s account. The task is simple, but it’s only at first glance. With each scored point, the disk rotates faster. And this makes it difficult to fulfill the main task at times.

The Hextris io game contains many different combinations and variations. It is interesting that the rods are assembled in any order. They can be stacked one after the other, lined up in a chain. It is necessary to observe only two conditions: first, - lines must coincide in color, and second, - they must touch each other.

Hextrisio - great logical fun, which trains smartness, speed of reaction and makes you think quickly. Play can not only children, but adults. And not everyone can achieve maximum results. Achieve success can only be after many unsuccessful attempts that will help understand the principle and gain experience. Controls: arrow keys - rotate the dial.

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