Play this exciting multiplayer online shooter and enjoy modern 3D graphics and a dynamic storyline. Hide.io something like a game of hide and seek, then you’ll like to shoot, and hide from enemy bullets. The match consists of two different rounds, in the first you will play for the hunters, and in the second for the interior items.

Hunters in Hide.io should look for unusually placed objects, calculate the enemies disguised as enemies, and shoot them. The more rivals you declassify and kill, the higher your game rating will be. In order not to lose points, be sure to register before the start, this will allow you to save points and change them the next time you go to more powerful weapons and ammunition.

In the second stage of Hide.io, you are no longer the one who is looking for a potential goal, but the victim that must survive. To do this, select the object under which you will disguise, reincarnate and hide. Be smart, ordinary objects are easy to find, include imagination and do not be trivial. The longer you last, the more points will go to your account. Note that at the beginning of the tour, everyone becomes chairs and to change and get a different look, you need to select the object for reincarnation and click the button E.

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