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Today there will be no fights or shooting. Hilly io game is not just a race, but also a collection of diamonds. To get to the finish line will have to go through several checkpoints. Each stage is allocated a specific time. Those who do not meet the specified time interval, is eliminated from the competition. Earned precious stones can be spent on the original skins. If you come first, the number of prize points will be huge.

The game Hilly io will appeal to those players who like to compete with an opponent for speed and ingenuity. Here you can not relax, because the one who was late for the gathering place, automatically leaves the race. In order not to be among the outsiders, you need to act as collected. All the jewels that could be collected at each interval are kept until the very end.

Hilly io is a serious competition, which is unlikely to win immediately. But do not despair, it is worth picking up a little experience, as the main prize will be with you. You can earn points only through hard training, using your advantages and disadvantages of your competitors. Control: movement — mouse, acceleration — click the left key or press the space bar.

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