Many multiplayer games do not differ in the color and variety of the environment, but not this new game. Hole.io will completely turn your worldview and change the view of multiplayer video games. Here all events will take place in a huge metropolis full of people, multi-storey buildings, cars, parks and fences.

In Hole io you will play for a black hole, a circle that absorbs everything that is less than its radius. At the same time dozens of other players are playing with you and your goal is to become the biggest and strongest player on the playing field. Move around the location and look for everything you can eat. The more objects you absorb, the more massive you will become. Remember that the greatest amount of experience brings the killing of smaller rivals.

The duration of Holeio is small, each round is only one and a half minutes of time. During this period, all participants compete among themselves in speed and agility, they hunt one after another and try to break out into the leaders. The leading player receives the golden crown and holds it until the opponent can not win it, beating the enemy’s results. At the end of the battle, a table with a list of places that all the players have occupied appears on the field.

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