Hungery io 2 | 2

The topic of survival is now particularly popular. The game Hungery io 2 contains alls at once: crafting, resource extraction, fighting aggressive zombies. The main task is to survive, no matter what. Before you create the most primitive means of production and melee weapons, you need to get the minerals. To find out how much and what exactly you need for crafting a pickaxes and a sword, you need to click on the icon located in the upper part of the screen on the right.

The game Hungery io 2 is not only building and mining. Here the main thing - to survive the attacks of zombies, which occur at regular intervals. Crowds of hungry monsters led by their terrible leader attack suddenly and without warning. Without a sword, there can not do. And to create it, you first need to build a special machine.

Hungery io 2 will shows which player is stronger, bolder. Only a true hero can cope with such a difficult task. We’ll have to count their strength, allocate time, prepare to repel monster attacks. Management: WASD keys - move, left click - attack, space - change image.

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