What are storms and hurricanes, each of us knows from TV news, and even from our own experience. The game — is the original multiplayer, which will allow yourself to become a part of the elements. A small innocuous cloud, which is given to the player at the very beginning, will be able to accumulate such potential that it will turn into a real natural disaster. You can take energy from the air and the ocean, but it is best to absorb the weaker, only emerging hurricanes. At their expense, it is easy to increase their mass and become more powerful.

The Hurricane io game has a whole growth system for each of the objects. To grow a cloud, you need to increase the speed of the wind, the heat ball of red color depends on the speed of movement, green — on stability and damage. The ideal place to dwell is the ocean, the land only absorbs the accumulated energy. Go to the land should be enough strength.

Hurricaneio will make it fight and survive, competing with fairly strong rivals. Many of them will not grow to the present tornado, but each cloud has a chance to become a powerful hurricane. Using cunning and savvy, you can score points and dominate the arena.

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