Inishie Dungeon

Love adventures and heroic battles, then be sure to play this new RPG. The game Inishie Dungeon takes you to a fantasy world in which you have to perform a number of tasks, go through the dark dungeons and fight with a mass of monsters and villains. The game has a logical beginning and an epilogue, you can reach the final only after all quests are completed. If suddenly you are not satisfied with the result of your previous achievements, just reset all previously saved and start playing again.

Before you start in Inishie Dungeon choose your hero, the choice of skins here is impressive. Picking up a character, read his fighting characteristics and talents. Please note that you need to save every few minutes, so that at the next boot you can continue the passage from the starting point. You do not have weapons at first and you need to get it yourself. To do this, inspect the district, open boxes and hiding places and replenish your arsenal.

All events in the Inishie Dungeon begin in a small town that was surrounded by dark forces. It is from there that your heroic path will begin. Be careful, because even the city walls will not save you from death, carefully open the hiding places, there, except weapons, jewelry and artifacts, there may be explosives, or hide enemies. Look for another task on the special scoreboard and immerse yourself in the dungeons. Always watch the level of vital energy of your fighter and for the supply of magic manna. Control: computer mouse and ASDW keys.

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