Junglz io

We suggest you try your hand at a new multiplayer online game for survival. In the Junglz io and the battlefield is not easy - it’s thick and impenetrable jungle, which is extremely difficult to move around. Your fighter is a knight with a big sword, the size of the weapon will depend on your achievements, the more experience you earn, the more weapons you will get as a result.

A set of balls is possible in the Junglz io and in two ways. The first is a simple collection of color points, and the second is the killing of an opponent. Even the beginner can destroy enemies, the size of the sword is not particularly important, the main thing is to get close to the enemy and rub him with all his might. After the death of the enemy, all his experience will pass to you, and you will significantly improve your rating.

Consider the fact that there are mobs in the Junglz io. They are made in the form of bushes. Each bush with a normal touch is completely safe, but if you rubate it with your sword, it starts throwing poisonous needles and causing damage to the character. Knock carefully and constantly move and change the location of the dislocation, hit from different sides, if you manage to destroy the plant, your achievements will increase by several positions. Controls: mouse and space.

Alternative name: junglz.io, junglzio

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