Finally, multiplayer online games pleased us with something new. Karmafarm.io differs from all the others in an unusual story. There is no need to hunt for your enemies and destroy them, everything is much more interesting and confusing. Most like to play people with a good fantasy, those who are not looking for simple solutions.

In Karmafarm.io everyone plays for an animal or an insect. In the beginning you are a fly, in order to change the form, you need to collect a certain amount of game experience. This is done by eating food that is scattered around the location. When you have enough points, from the bottom on the table different forms will be available, in which you can transform your hero.

The chip Karmafarm.io is that only characters can eat characters: insects - excrement, herbivores - plants, and predators meat. The more impressive the creature you manage, the more balls you gain when you eat. Transform your hero into anything, even in fruits, vegetables, trees, grain. If the enemy does not recognize you in a new guise and attacks, you automatically get an impressive amount of experience for this. Well, if you miss and attack an opponent, your achievements will immediately fall. Management: computer mouse.

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