The new i game "" - multiplayer survival. Play will be for a funny smiley, which wanders through a huge playing field and tries to collect a collection of strange things. These are bananas, arrows and battle stars of ninjas. Their number is displayed at the bottom of the screen, like the whole map. All these items are your weapon, with which you repulse the enemy.

The terrain along which your hero moves is very diverse. If in the beginning it is a forest or a garden with trees and shrubs, then you get further into a very strange room, whether it’s a restaurant or a palace. You can move tables, chairs, barrels that will interfere with your progress, but bypass the solid walls and piers.

Switch between different types of weapons with the keys from 1 to 5, with the space accelerate, with the WASD buttons - move around, with the left mouse click - shoot at the enemies. The game "" assumes further development and improvement.

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