If you decide to play this game, adrenaline is provided to you. is another action-packed shooter. During the battles you will be constantly in suspense. Enemies are everywhere, they attack very unexpectedly and quickly. A little of a shame and all-lost. Fast tempo is set from the beginning. Your character is among the low walls, which resemble something like a maze. You can look through these walls, but you can’t jump over them. The graphics here are very high quality.

The beginning of is the choice of weapons. It is difficult to advise in choosing, as each type of weapon has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it is easier for someone to shoot from one, someone from another. It is necessary to consider, how you are going to lead the battle, more to attack or hide.

What plays a big role in the game is speed and accuracy. Run quickly, shoot at the target from the first time, to manage to repel the attacks. Stopped, did not hit immediately, so lost. The reaction should be lightning-fast. It is the speed that causes the player to be in a tense state all the time.

Controls: Move — AWSD, shooting-Pressing the left mouse button, right mouse button or spacebar take the weapon.

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