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Not all shooters are alike, there are very original options. Game Killz io - multiplayer 3D shooter. It will not be without shooting here either, but bearded guys on hover boards will fight each other. It looks fun and funny, but very effective. The main goal is to kill competitors and earn prize balls. The one who has more points goes to the top. Despite the ridiculous look of the characters, they are famously fighting.

The game Killz io contains only one type of weapon - pistols, but you can shoot as many as you like without reloading. On the territory there are many blocks that you can jump on. Once at the top, you get a significant advantage, and you can shoot your enemies from there. At any time you should look around, because the enemy may appear and shoot suddenly. If you catch a bullet, you can recover almost immediately.

Killz io are killer bearded men who arranged a showdown between themselves for a particularly valuable order. You need to play carefully and carefully. Opponents are not measured, and everyone wants to become a leader. Who is the coolest will be visible by rating. Who is higher, he won. Control: WASD keys - movement, left click with the mouse - shooting.

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