Killz Online | Kill Online

All evil spirits spread throughout the world, and people become innocent victims of their fights. Killz Online game is a terrible murder of unfortunate civilians and the struggle between two competing factions: vampires and werewolves. The more killed, the higher the rating. To eat a person, no special effort will be necessary. Burrow into the thick of it, and eat up your victims. But with competitors need to be careful.

The game Killz Online allows you to hide your appearance, disguise, and in case of detection — change the mask. You need to attack players from another camp or ordinary people. If you try to eat your fellow tribe, then both of you will be frozen for a while. You need to play carefully and carefully to distinguish between enemies and friends. Observation is very important for this, because the enemy may look like an ordinary person from the crowd and it is very difficult to recognize him.

Killz Online is a whole army of murderers who roam the huge map, bringing terror to the whole world. Become the strongest of them, kill and dominate. Invite to the company of friends. The more players, the more interesting the batch. Controls: WASD keys — move, F — eat someone, left mouse button — select, space — kill.

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