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Today we will need excellent logical thinking. The game Kkutu.io is quite original. It will need to write words on a given topic, and to do it very quickly. If you manage to write more than others, then the chances of winning are higher. To play, you need to create your own game room, or join an existing one. Once the topic is selected, the match begins. Wins the one who will be able to overtake competitors in the number of named words.

Kkutu io continues until players add new names. Repetitions are not allowed here. If ten seconds have passed, and during this time none of the participants showed activity, then the room is declared closed and the winner on points is revealed. Compete online is much more interesting than being bored alone.

Kkutu.io is very simple, but no less interesting. Theme is the most diverse. There is something to choose from. For example, the choice fell on the topic: Nature, then you only need to talk about it, quickly and in essence. Prize points will receive only the one who turned out to be the first. Therefore, the main goal - to be faster than their competitors. This is an excellent training speed of thinking, vocabulary increase and entertaining pastime.

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