We provide new entertainment for fans of virtual battles. To become a winner in, you need to score more points and for this there are two ways. The first one is suitable for those who want to play calmly, passing slowly while enjoying the graphics. For an intense battle go the second way. Adrenaline will go off scale, and the number of points will grow if you eliminate the opponents on time.

Naturally, there are no simple ways to win. If you calmly pass the levels, not particularly rushing into danger, then the occupation will be long. But another option Knifez io provides a quick victory, but with a great risk of losing, as it will have to fight all the time, defend itself, react lightly to the situation.

Another bonus Knifezio is the ability to choose your dagger design well and the appearance of the character. Thus, the hero can change in each new battle. In the end, you can choose a favorite in your competitions and try to equip it with various knives. Manage the game very easily: click the left mouse button to roll the dagger.

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