Who from the guys does not like shooting? Especially if you have a chance to fight against real rivals. The new i game "Kombo.io" is a great shooter, which will please its fans. Despite the rather primitive schedule, here the player is in constant tension, ready not only to defend himself, but also to attack first.

Your goal is to inflict a combo strike on the enemy, that is, to kill several fighters with one shot. As shells are used miscellaneous circles. And the participant, who picked up the next ammunition, is painted in its color. When you hit an opponent from him in different directions fly three circles, which can hit the chain of those who find themselves on their trajectory.

It’s very difficult to play when bullets whistle and you can get under fire at any moment. Control mouse cursor, and shooting - her left click. The game "Kombo.io" - a multiplayer, which will compete with gamers from various parts of the globe. Call friends, score the maximum number of points and rise in the ranking.

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