Everyone knows these wonderful and beautiful animals that are in almost every zoo. The game will show how they behave in freedom. It turns out these handsome and cuties are able to fight, attack opponents and even kill them. Usually these little animals are pretty friendly. Jump on the endless expanses and collect asterisks. They gradually increase the rating, and sometimes even bring to the top.

The game is not only walking, but brutal fights with competitors. It is possible to cause damage by jumping on the head, and after several such blows, the opponent will precisely drop the hoof. If you want to have fun, now is the time. Long-haired beauty is not averse to face off against each other and identify the strongest. They usually live high in the mountains, but now they have gone down to the playground to compete for the title of leader.

Lama — a bright and colorful game with the participation of players from around the world. There are no special difficulties and problems, everything is extremely simple and clear. After several attempts, you can thoroughly master the technique of jumping from above. The main thing is to jump suddenly and sharply. Control: keyboard arrows — move, left mouse click — acceleration, space — attack.

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