is another work for the seizure of the territory on. We all remember Oscar-winning progenitor Splix Io! This game is cuter graphics and the presence of a variety of modes.

The main goal in is to capture as much land as possible. If you assume that the entire territory is 100%, then in order to become a leader, it’s enough to capture more than half of it. This is your task in Landzio. How does capture take place? You start the game on a small piece of land belonging to you. To attach a piece, you need to go beyond the square and draw a trace left by the trace. Thus, you can capture both the no-man’s territory, and the lands in the possession of another player.

The second and secondary task in is the destruction of other players. If you cross the line of another player, when he is out of his territory, he instantly drops out of the game, and you get the treasured points. However, do not forget that other players can also attack you. Therefore, do not hesitate to look around in this game, always find a player who trades in Landzio attacks on other players.

Control: WASD to move.

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