Already many guys have become real profiles in the popular genre of i-games. Game Leworm.io - another snake or worm, because someone likes it. This is a fun multiplayer that allows you to grow your own worm, constantly increasing its size and improving other characteristics. The goal remains the same - to score points more than others, and go to the top. They can be earned in the traditional way by making colored peas in the playing space. Or faster - eat your brothers.

Game Leworm io has some differences from its predecessors. So, you can collect and accumulate boosters, which from time to time appear on the map. Among them there are such items: binoculars, a jar and radiation. Binoculars improve visibility and bring objects closer. The Bank will allow to accelerate, and at the same time maintain its mass. Radiation will make the body of the worm poisonous and inedible for competitors.

Leworm.io an interesting variation on a long familiar topic. Using new opportunities, you can play long and more interesting. But do not forget about the basic rules: do not bump your head into your opponent and do not go beyond the limits of the playing field. Control: movement - mouse, left mouse click or spacebar - accelerate.

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